Is your child struggling with basic math facts?

Ease the frustration by providing fun and engaging activities.

Increase effectiveness by offering a variety of opportunities to practice math facts.

No prep is needed to get started. Just print and teach.

Watch as your child's math skills improve!

What's included:

I’ve put together this Addition Bundle Sampler so that you can see how fun it can be to teach basic math facts.  These activities are also available for Subtraction too!

It includes 6 different Addition activities:

  1. Bubble Gum Numbers
    Use a dot marker to color equations with the correct sum.
  2. Roll and Solve
    Roll a die and add to a number.
  3. True or False
    Decide if an equation is true or false, cut and paste it to the correct column.
  4. Color by Sum
    Color the page according to sum or difference.
  5. Addition Searches
    Solve the equations and find them in the search.
  6. Timed Tests
    Prove mastery with the simple timed tests that come in 3 versions.

What's next?

Once your child becomes more fluent with basic math facts, he or she can move on to more complex math operations.
Go to to discover more hands-on math activities for your child!

Why try it?

There is nothing to lose exept frustraiton. This bundle focuses on getting students excited to learn, building students' confidence and fluency in math, and helping students master basic addition skills.

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